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TronixPro Component Boxes

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TronixPro Component Boxes

Three component boxes that have been well thought out to avoid the frustrations often encountered with other makes on the market. Strong, durable clasps make sure the boxes are secure and won’t come undone. An overlapping lid ensures that the box is water resistant and won’t let unwanted water in to corrode the components kept inside. In addition, this helps to keep small components from working their way out! Each box comes with a set of dividers, so that each compartment can be customised in size to take a wide range of terminal accessories. A clever design makes the internal compartments rounded at the bottom, this makes taking small components out of the box easier, eliminated smaller items getting stuck in corners, which can prove difficult to remove. Lastly, each box is made from durable, clear plastic, so you can see what is inside without opening.


  • Strong, clear plastic component boxes that have been designed to store all manner of terminal fishing tackle.
  • Strong, durable clasps secure the box lid in place and the overlapping lid ensures the box is water resistant.
  • The lid fits flush to the compartment walls so that smaller components don’t mix when the box is shaken or moved.
  • Internal compartments are rounded on their base to make it easier to pick up small items in the box


Small - 15.3 x 9.8 x 5CM

Medium - 21 x 14.5 x 4CM

Large - 25 x 17 x 4CM