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Tronixpro Compact Seat and Tackle Box

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The Tronixpro Compact Seat and Tackle Box is ideal for beach anglers wishing to travel light and be more mobile or for those boat anglers wishing to have a small and portable box that doesn’t take up to much room on the boat. The Tronixpro Seat Box may be smaller than some of the alternatives on the market however; it could be argued that it is more practical as the box is split into two compartments. The main compartment occupies that majority of the box and is ideal for holding your lure boxes, winder boxes, reels, tools, flasks etc. The smaller top compartment makes perfect storage for small items such as bait elastic, swivels etc. as it incorporates 4 smaller tackle boxes and trays. These compartments have latch fittings on the front, this helps stop the tops from flying open when the main compartment is open. Comes with carry strap incorporating a rubber shoulder pad.