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Sonik AXS Bivvy 2 Man

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Sonik AXS Bivvy 2 Man

The Sonix AXS 2 man Bivvy features Super strong AXS aluminium centre block making the bivvy robust and durable as well as making for an ultra-quick setup. The lightweight anti-twist 6061 aluminium poles make an easy set up!

The bivvy is built with 10,000mm HH CloudbaseTM fabric, which is bound to keep the angler dry and protected and to prevent rain getting into the bivvy, even in torrential rain. Featured is a porch with peak front on the bivvy, this allows you to keep your door open to watch the water, whilst still giving protection from the rain!

The bivvy is supplied with oversize compression bag, to make an easy packaway for the angler, as well as heavy-duty T-pegs. Two-way letterbox door meaning you can keep your bivvy door half open to offer more protection, as well as the green, clear and mozzi door panels.

Also featured are front and rear mozzi vents with internal pockets, allowing airflow in the bivvy.


Compatible with double and single inner capsules (available separately)

Dimensions: H 1.90m W 3.20m D 3.65m

Weight: 21.5KG