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Snowbee XS-Plus Countdown Sinking Fly Lines
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Snowbee XS-Plus Countdown Sinking Fly Lines

RRP: £57.00
Our Price: £47.00
Product Description

This range has been specifically designed to combine precise sink rates with maximum casting distance. The fly angler can reach extended drop-offs and target deep lying fish, with a line slick enough to do so without the fear and frustration of memory coils and constant tangles

Each line is low stretch for sensitivity and twin-coloured to highlight the optimum loading point for distance casting and performance, the long heads will deliver a line at extreme range from bank or boat, in order to achieve the necessary depth for deep feeding fish. 

XS-Plus Countdown 2
In olive green with a sky-blue running line to help avoid spooking fish but visible to see for fishing depth and control of retrieve. Sink rate 2ins/sec, perfect for fishing nymphs or lures beneath the surface on rivers or stillwater, close in or at long range. 
Colour: Olive/Sky Blue 
Sizes: WF6 - WF8 
Sink Rate: 2ins/sec 

XS-Plus Countdown 3
With a sink rate of 3ins/sec this has been designed for fishing nymphs or lures in more moderate depths, especially when the wind is up a little or with a booby on the point perhaps to provide a washing line style of fishing. Ideal when the fish are at a depth of 2-3ft and you can get there easily within a few seconds. Twin colour, chestnut brown head with light tan running line. 

Colour: Brown/Light Tan 
Sizes: WF6 - WF8 
Sink Rate: 3ins/sec 

XS-Plus Countdown 5
A great casting line with dark brown head providing a sink rate of 5ins/sec and a distinctive, silky smooth blood red running line. Versatile for a team of sunk lures fished deep and slow, or ripped through the upper surfaces on a windy day. A great mid-water booby line too and phenomenal casting ability with the long head and no memory. Also suitable as a predator line in upper sizes, which will turnover easily and provide extreme casting ability. 
Colour: Brown/Red 
Sizes: WF6 - WF8 
Sink Rate: 5ins/sec 

XS-Plus Countdown 7
The fastest sinking Snowbee line yet. The density of the charcoal grey head provides a sink rate of 7ins/sec – ideal for deep sinking lures, nymphs and boobies off the boat or really quick sinking for boobies and exploring the depths from the bank. The deep blue running line aids angler visibility without spooking the fish. The profile and density provide an excellent distance casting line, capable of quickly reaching the bottom in over 20ft of water. This line will sink about as far as you can cast with a memory free profile that aids casting on the roughest of days. 
Colour: Charcoal/Deep Blue 
Sizes: WF6 - WF8 
Sink Rate: 7ins/sec