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Shakespeare XT Boat rod, reel & line accessories

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Shakespeare XT Boat rod, reel & line accessories

These kits are dedicated to the Beginner/intermediate fisherman. Combining balanced tackle elements these kits are perfect for people being introduced to the sport of those of you who have taken time away and are looking to return to the sport. With rods and pre-loaded reels perfectly chosen to compliment the style of fishing and a tackle box loaded with the components to get you fishing straight away! Scan the QR code to view instructional videos with fishing ace Matt Hayes showing you how to make the most from your Challenge Kit. Take your fishing Challenge today!

Tackle box content:

-1 X 3 hook rig

-1 X Coloured mackerel feathers

-2 X 6oz lead weights

-5 X 3/0 Hooks

-5 X 5/8" fluorescent red beads

-5 X snap swivels

-5 x Barrel swivel