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Rovex John Wilson Barbel Quiver 11-13'

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The Big brother to John's Avon Quiver the Barbel Quiver has an Avon style top rated at 1.75lbs and push-in quivers rated 2, 2.5 & 3ozs. This rod is at home handling bigger and more powerful fish such as larger carp and barbel. The new models of the famous Barbel Quiver are built on a 3K woven blank and feature quality line guides, comfortable cork handles and versatility to improve performance and success at every turn. Like the Avon Quiver this rod comes with a 2' extension piece enabling the rod to be fished at 13' when fishing faster waters or when targeting heavier fish over which more control is needed.

These new upgrades have taken these legendary rods to a new level!

Rod Length: 11ft - 13ft
Line Rating: 5 - 10lb
Test Curve: 1.75lb