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Penn Battle III DX spin

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Penn Battle III DX spin

The Penn Battle III is a robust reel which is now stronger, smoother and more durable than ever before. The Battle III is designed to take on tough fish in tough conditions making it the perfect partner for saltwater trips from both boat and shore

The Addition of Penn's proprietary CNC Gear™ Technology gives higher levels of durability, Smoothness and Precision. CNC Gear Technology utilises state of the art software and CNC machinery to ensure that the drive, pinion and oscillation gear are cut to exact tolerances using premium metals. The Battle III is built with a full metal body and sideplate for greater strength. The legendary HT100 carbon washer drag system gives super smooth and dependable service across the full range of drag settings.

The Penn Battle III has been engineered to cast further, achieve higher drag pressure and resist corrosion better than ever before

The 6000 size is a nce reel for tough shore fishing with braid or Nylon lines. On the boat it makes a nice uptide model as well as being suitable for heavy lures and general bottom fishing..