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Orvis Super Strong Plus Tippet

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Orvis have taken their best-selling leader and tippet material and made it even better! Super Strong Plus is made from an entirely new material that brings higher knot strength and more abrasion resistance. With a perfectly balanced blend of elasticity and suppleness, Super Strong Plus is versatile, adaptable and is the ideal all-round freshwater material.

The wet knot strength of Super Strong Plus is higher per diameter than any other tippet, meaning when that big trout swallows your fly, you can finish the fight without fear of breakage.

  • Higher knot strength both wet and dry
  • Higher breaking strength
  • Higher abrasion resistance
  • Clear, non-spook colour
  • Spools feature in-built line cutter
  • Spools connect to Super Strong Plus and Mirage spools for compact storage
Available in 30m spools of:
  • 7X (2.3lb) - Diameter: 0.004"
  • 6X (3.3lb) - Diameter: 0.005"
  • 5X (4.9lb) - Diameter: 0.006"
  • 4X (6lb) - Diameter: 0.007"
  • 3X (8.5lb) - Diameter: 0.008"
  • 2X (9.8lb) - Diameter: 0.009"
  • 1X (12.7lb) - Diameter: 0.010"