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Mclean Sea Trout & Salmon Weigh Nets

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These are the famous Mclean Sea Trout and Salmon Weigh Nets. They are designed to net and weigh large rainbow trout, pike, sea trout and salmon. The pear shaped, extra sturdy fixed framed nets with bronze anodised finish have a weighing scales concealed in a watertight compartment inside their non-slip rubber grip handles. The scales measure up to 50lbs. Carried with built-in adjustable sling. Knotless mesh.

The Sea Trout sizes have a telescopic handle which extends from 8-40”. Overall length extends from 33-65”. Maximum net opening 25”. Suitable for grilse, sea trout, large rainbows and pike.

The Salmon sizes have a telescopic handle which extends 12-44”. Overall length extends from 45-77”. Maximum net opening 33”. Suitable for the largest salmon and pike.

The R140 and R141 models feature Mclean's extensively tested rubberised mesh. This new dipped mesh bag offers many advantages: easy to wash - protection against invasive species; soft flexible rubber - minimises fish stress/tangled hooks; UV proof - tough and long lasting.

Available in the following models:
  • Sea Trout (MLSTW)
  • Sea Trout  - Rubberised Mesh (R140)
  • Salmon (MLSAW)
  • Salmon - Rubberised Mesh (R141)