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Korda Lead Clips

Korda Lead Clips

Our original Lead Clip was designed to allow your lead to release in situations where you needed it to, such as if you got snagged or a fish went through thick weed. But the lead won’t come off as easily as it will with our Quick Release Lead Clip, and so avoids unnecessarily dumping leads, unless you really need to for the safety of a fish. The plastic retaining arm is strong enough to take even the hardest cast with a heavy lead without fear of it breaking, and the back end of the main body of the Lead Clip has grooves which help the Tail Rubber to stay on and only come off when it needs to. You can alter the ease with which it releases the lead, dependent on how far you push the Tail Rubber onto the body. To achieve an easy release of the lead, you need to ensure that the Lead Clip can’t run freely on the line, and it is designed such that a size 8 Swivel will fit snugly into the nose of it and will remain in place. This is a very safe semi-fixed set-up, and if used correctly will ensure that the fish can always get rid of your lead, even if your main line breaks. The Lead Clip comes in a choice of colours – Clay; Weed; Silt; or Gravel – with ten in each pack.   

Key features

  • Dumps the lead if it becomes snagged
  • Strong and durable
  • Grooved so tail rubber only comes off when necessary
  • Choice of colours

Product variations available

  • Clay
  • Gravel
  • Silt
  • Weed
Product Type:
Rig Accessories