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Kamasan B950U Uptide hook

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Kamasan B950U Uptide hook

Key Features

  • Extra strong and Forged
  •  Special shape
  •  Barbed
  •  Chemically sharpened needle point
  •  Perfect presentation of most baits
  •  Finished in a corrosion resistant bronze
  •  Designed for fishing over rough ground
  •  Ideal for targeting larger cod, bass &ray

Kamasan B950U Uptide Sea Hooks, Kamasan B950U Uptide is an extra strong forged hook finished in a corrosion resistant bronze. This hook is ideal when fishing over rough ground or when targeting specimen size fish. The special shape of this sea hook and the full barb ensures perfect presentation of a range of baits. This hook is extremely popular, particularly when targeting larger cod, bass and ray. 10 Hooks per pack in size 1 7 Hooks per pack in sizes 1/0, 2/0 6 Hooks per pack in size 3/0 5 Hooks per pack in size 4/0 4 Hooks per pack in sizes 6/0, 5/0.