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IQ2 Soft Fluorocarbon Hooklink

IQ2 Soft Fluorocarbon Hooklink

This is a softer version of original IQ fluorocarbon hook link material and is great all-round rig material. It still has enough stiffness to be used as a boom material, but is supple enough that it allows movement so that rigs such as the IQ D-rig can work effectively. As long as it is tied correctly it retains good knot strength (we recommend a Grinner or Palomar knot) and is virtually invisible in water as a result of its refractive index. It comes on a 20m spool in a choice of 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, and 20lb versions, to suit any angling situation.

Key features

  • Softer than IQ
  • Great for D-rigs
  • Good knot strength
  • Virtually invisible in water

Product variations available

  • 10lb/0.32mm 20m
  • 12lb/0.35mm 20m
  • 15lb/0.40mm 20m
  • 20lb/0.47mm 20m
Product Type:
Rig Accessories