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Free Spirit CTX Carp Feeder Rods

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More than 4 years Research & Development has gone into this range of affordable Free Spirit CTX Carp Feeder Rods. Using 40t carbon with bi-axis carbon tape allows for a rod that is light but very strong to cope with even the largest commercial carp. Actions have been critically designed and tested to ensure there is an even build up of power from the very tip through the middle and joint and into the butt to stop powerful fish on light gear but without bottoming out.

Using high quality carbons allows us to reduce the handle length for perfect fish playing whilst still keeping the rod well balanced.

Supplied with 3 push in quiver tips 2 carbon and 1 glass that are a little shorter than is conventional for better transfer from the quiver tip to the main rod. The slimmer design means better balance as well.

There is no paint or lacquer on the blank so the finish will last many years.

Standard models are designed for the majority of commercial carp lakes with the BW models (big water) being more powerful for use on big waters such as Barston and Clattercote where larger casts are required.

BW models feature slightly longer handles to aid distance casting.

BLANK: 40t Hi-Modulus Carbon with Bi-Axis Weave
GUIDES: Single Leg Anti-Frap Guides
REEL SEAT: Fuji VSS16 Lock Down Seat
FITTINGS: Stainless Steel
BUTT GRIP : EVA Front Grip with A Grade Cork Rear Grip