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Fortis Bay Lite Sunglasses

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Fortis Bay Lite Sunglasses

Remodelled for 2020, we have added a fresh look to arguably our most popular family of sunglasses the Bays. Refined, refreshed and restyled we introduce the Bays LITE.

Fortis Bay Lite 247 Brown (BL001)/ Fortis Bay Lite AMPM Amber (BL002)

The best selling brown and amber lenses form the basis of all our ranges and the brand new Bays LITE are no exception. A redefined frame allows for a lighter and more comfortable fit. Restyled with no silver front pins for a sleeker finish.

Fortis Bay Lite Switch (BL003)

Our industry leading SWITCH™ technology offers an edge other brands just cannot compete with. Our UV pens are a great way to demonstrate to customers how the lenses react to sunlight. The lenses will darken up the longer they are exposed to sunlight and then revert back to normal once the clouds roll over. This is particularly advantageous in changeable weather.

Fortis Bay Lite Purple (BL004)

The success of the XBLOK™ technology on the Bays has lead us to experiment more with these mirror coatings and by fusing a purple / pink mirror we were able to create a great performing lens for low-medium light conditions. Not only does this coating function well but it also adds an aesthetic quality unlike anything else on the market. A sure fire winner for all angler’s who permanently have a set of Fortis round their neck.


The Fortis Eyewear Wraps also come come with a branded hard protective case with clasp which can be attached to the outside of your bag for easy access.

Model Frame (mm) Bridge (mm) Temple (mm) Weight (g)
Aviators 141 23 134 21
Bays 143 24 128 29
Essentials 139 16 121 20
Hawkbill 139 15 140 35
Isolators 142 15 110 35
OverWraps 164 15 136 35
Strokes 136 26 132 25
Vistas 143 24 128 30
Wraps 140 21 114 23