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ESP Quick Change Ronnie Booms

ESP Quick Change Ronnie Booms

Perfectly tied in our own factory, these booms are designed to complement Ronnie and Hinge rigs, allowing for quick and easy change of the hook section while also incorporating the all-important tungsten sleeve which counterbalances the pop-up and also secures the rig onto the clip. The tungsten sleeves are a perfect alternative to putty and are far more resilient to the attentions of crayfish.

  • Perfectly tied with an optimal length of 7” (18cm)
  • Super strong quick change clip for attaching Ronnie and Hinge rigs
  • Tungsten Loaded Semi Stiff pushes rig away at full extension for optimum presentation
  • Figure of 8 loop for easy attachment to mainline clip or swivel
  • Tungsten sleeve acts as the pop-up counterbalance and secures the rig onto the clip
  • Available in Small (0.3g) and large (0.6g) to suit multiple hook and pop-up sizes
  • In Weedy Green, Camo Brown & Silt Grey
  • Three booms per packet
Available in:
  • Small
  • Large

Product Type:
Ready Made Rigs