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ESP Cryogen Claw-Hammer Hooks (Barbless)

ESP Cryogen Claw-Hammer Hooks (Barbless)

An improved and refined beaked point / wide gape pattern that has accounted for a lot of big carp over 12 months of field testing. Perfect for bottom bait combi / flipper type rigs when fishing over gravel and a safe bet for secure hook holds when fishing in heavy weed.

The point length has been increased to mirror the hugely successful Trig and Chod Hammers, with the Claw-Hammers having a sweeping beaked point ideal for fishing over gravel and for assured hook holds in thick weed. These longer, finer points are incredibly sharp straight out of the packet and even previously ardent hook sharpeners like Gaz Fareham have been using these through the testing period without reaching for the file. On the two largest sizes 4 and 5 the wire gauge has been stepped up by 0.1mm for improved strength and the heavy forging helps accentuates this. However due to the point length to wire diameter ratio used the points are still long, fine and needle sharp. The twin tempering process of heat and cryogenic tempering ensures formidable strength and point durability with just the right degree of shock absorbing ‘spring’ – neither too soft nor too brittle. As per all the other Cryogen hooks in the range, these feature a slick PTFE Tuflon coating and micro barbs which ensure excellent penetration and secure hook holds.

Enlarged eye diameters pro-rata across the range of sizes allow for thicker monofilaments to be used with the knotless knot.

Available in sizes 4,5,6,7 & 8 in barbed and barbless.

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