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Drennan Vertex 4000 FD Feeder Reel

Drennan Vertex 4000 FD Feeder Reel

The Vertex 4000 Reels are a fantastic all-round feeder reel.

The shallow spools on these designer feeder reels avoids unnecessary backing which in turn improves line lay, casting distance and accuracy.

Rubber buttons, which fit securely into these spools can be used to identify either line diameter or breaking strain and the one touch fold away handle makes these feeder reels ideal for transporting made up rods.

The choice between front and rear drag models is down to angler preference but in practice both models provide accurate, incremental clutch adjustment.

  • 7 + 1 Ball Bearings
  • Ratio 5.1 to 1
  • Stainless spring loaded line clip
  • Once touch folding handle
  • Supplied with one alloy and one composite spool
  • Includes rubber buttons to help identify spools and the choice of line
Reel Size:
Reel Type:
Front Drag