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Deep Blue Tippet

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Deep Blue is the latest advancement in Salt Water / Big Game tippet and leader materials engineered to provide an optimal combination of strength, abrasion resistance, and shock resistance while breaking within IGFA Class ratings. Where Frog Hair is extruded to a specific diameter with a maximum strength, Deep Blue is extruded to a specific breaking point that falls within IGFA class limits, with a diameter that optimizes the abrasion resistance.

However, unlike other Big Game and Salt Water materials that are generally thick, rigid, exhibit more coil memory, and are harder to handle and tie, Deep Blue is made using GAMMA's exclusive process to more than double the suppleness and shock resistance of the material, dramatically increasing the fighting capability of the material. The result is a tippet and leader material that ties easier, casts better, and absorbs the high impacts from powerful strikes, to reduce untimely break-offs and allow you to hook-up and land larger World Class fish.