About Us

We are a South Wales based company and have been in business for over forty years, with an online store for the past fifteen years. We have three shops, two in Cardiff and one in Newport.

The Cardiff shops are next door but one to each other. At 105 Whitchurch Road we have a shop totally dedicated to fly fishing. Should you visit us you will find a comprehensive stock of fly rods, reels, lines, clothing and an enormous range of flies (everything from pike, tarpon, bonefish and bass flies to a huge array of trout and salmon flies).

At 109 Whitchurch Road we have a shop dedicated to coarse, carp, spinning and sea fishing. Here you will find everything you could possibly need to go spinning or bait fishing, from rods, reels and terminal tackle, to lures, fresh baits and clothing.

Our Newport shop is on two floors. Upstairs is entirely fly fishing, whilst downstairs is dedicated to spinning and bait fishing. If you can visit us, we look forward to seeing you.

If you have any fishing questions or require any advice on tackle or places to fish, please ring us, as we will be pleased to help. All our members of staff are keen and knowledgeable fishermen, and between us we have a vast knowledge of fishing around the world.

Myself, Richard, Paul, Ceri, Bob, Jake and Lloyd are based at the Cardiff shops (02920 619828/692968); Andrew and Matthew are based at our Newport shop (01633 855086). Should you wish to place an order by telephone, please speak to any member of our Cardiff team. You will not have to speak to a “tele-sales assistant” whose only knowledge of fishing tackle is the computer code!

Tight Lines,


The  Team

Fly & Game.jpg Garry Evans
Garry has been keen on fishing since the age of 8 and has fished all over the world. He started his working life in accountancy, but swapped the desk and opened the shop forty years ago. After an early career coarse match fishing, he now fishes for rainbows and grayling in the winter, and salmon, sea trout and brown trout in the summer. He still likes to keep his hand in coarse fishing, and has landed over fifty pike and a 36lb carp this season.
Richard Cox
Richard started river fishing on the Taff at a very early age, and is a well-known specialist barbel angler. He also enjoys carp fishing, spending a lot of time in Oxford or in France. Richard fishes for Fox and Bait-Tech.
Paul Miles
Paul is the manager of our specialist game fishing shop and is a very experienced all-round angler. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the sport, from stillwater fly fishing to salmon fishing and has a wealth of knowledge about the latest fishing tackle.

Ceri Thomas
Ceri works in our game fishing store and mail order department. He has cast a fly at almost every species that swims, including sea trout, pike and carp, but his main focus is fishing for wild brown trout from lake and river, plus grayling and stillwater rainbows. His fishing destination travels have taken him to the USA, Ireland,Cuba, Iceland and France.

Andrew Hawkesley
Andrew enjoys all types of fishing however, spends most of his time lure fishing for Trout, Bass, Perch and anything else that will take a lure. He is also an avid destination angler who has fished, Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Zimbabwe and Canada to name a few. Andrew is a Fox Rage Sponsored Angler.

Bob Gilbert
With many years of experience under his belt Bob is an accomplished all-rounder, who especially enjoys fly fishing for trout and grayling. Bob also likes to pole and feeder fish for coarse species. Bob is a proficient fly tier and his extensive fishing travels have taken him to the USA, New Zealand, Norway and Ireland.

  Ryan Healey
Ryan targets specimen barbel for most of the year, fishing mostly on the Taff and Wye rivers. During the winter he focuses on Pike, and regularly lands monsters!
Lloyd Thomas
Lloyd enjoys a variety of lure fishing. He prefers to fish for the pike throughout the winter months, and spends the summer fishing mainly for the grayling, trout and perch on the rivers using light gear. He also enjoys sea fishing along the welsh coastline, with summer species such as smoothounds being his favourite targets.
Jake Jones
Jake works in our shop and mail order department. A coarse, lure and sea fishing all-rounder, Jake especially likes to target big barbel and specimen pike from his local waters.
Lloyd Prytherch
Lloyd enjoys all aspects of fishing but spends most of his time targeting carp. He also spends a lot of time targeting the rivers, fishing for the barbel, or spinning for trout and perch.